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Amy Winehouse Countdown Has Begun

Monday, December 3, 2007

Have a look at the picture The Daily Mail has up today of Amy Winehouse wandering in the streets at quarter to 6 in the morning. I believe this is a sign that official countdown has begun.

Amy Winehouse

Barefoot, and clad only in her bra and jeans, the troubled singer emerged from a friend’s house in Bow at 5.45am on Sunday looking distressed and agitated – as her mother-in-law says she taking more drugs than ever.

Onlookers said she appeared disorientated as she wandered around on the pavement for several minutes in the freezing cold before disappearing back inside.

Taking more drugs then ever and wandering the streets half naked and disoriented? Bah! Plenty of people do that. Let see…Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis, John Belushi, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith…well you get the idea.

Quite why she came outside only half dressed in the early hours is unclear. One onlooker said she looked up and down the road as if she was waiting for someone, but no one arrived at the house.

“She came out of the house, walked down the drive and wandered around on the pavement for a bit.


I’m guessing she was making little whiny noises and saying “Blakey come back” over and over too. I do like how they mention exactly why she came out in just a bra is unclear. She’s a junkie people! Acting crazy while they’re high is what junkies do and ever since Blake has been in prison, she’s supposedly been doing a fair share of cocaine and heroin. If she makes it past Christmas it will be a miracle.

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